Wellness and Executive Coaching

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Welcome to Embrace the Moment Psychology& Wellbeing Coaching – Wellness and Executive Coaching services in the Sutherland Shire and St George area

Our practice offers coaching services in the Sutherland Shire and St George areas that assists our clients to identify the important achievements they want to accomplish, why these are important, what is getting in the way, and to acquire the skills and techniques to overcome these barriers.

Whether your goal is to increase your exercise, eat healthier, manage your stress and anxiety, or just thrive in your work, we understand that change is difficult when you are doing it on your own. Hence why we believe in developing supportive relationships to help empower individuals to reinvent themselves and their lives.

Coaching services

Our services can be offered to both individuals and groups both privately and within organisations. Using our extensive training and experience in human behavior change (we are practicing Psychologists), Positive and Coaching psychology, and structured and practical approaches

we strive to assist with the following;

  • Developing psychological skills to overcome barriers to Improving your life style
  • Stress management
  • Sleep hygiene to address sleep problems
  • Time management
  • Harnessing your core psychological strengths to increase happiness
  • Knowledge and strategies to handle life problems better and become more resilient
  • Skills for living life in the moment and appreciating ‘what you have’ instead of ‘don’t have’

Employee/Executive Coaching services

  • Develop resilience to cope with the high pressure and uncertainty of modern work life
  • Overcome the limitations of low self-confidence and negative mindset
  • Develop a clear purpose and pathway toward valued work and life achievements
  • Manage stress and make the most out of challenging situations
  • Capitalise on your core talents and strengths to maximize your potential at work
  • Create opportunities to enter high performance states such as flow states (otherwise known as ‘the zone’)
  • Develop knowledge and skills that can help you be more creative and innovative at work


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